Dawn Wiggins

Your personal dementia designer. Expert in results-oriented dementia care design. I create with you, unique dementia care environments and moments to ensure positive outcomes with respect to: Improved quality of life and overall well-being. New Dementian’s uses relational care to build authentic relationships based on trust, acceptance and presence to support people living with dementia to be active participants in designing their dementia journey.

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Dementia Designer

Designing Environments And Moments That Make Each Day More Joyful.
Facility & Program Design

New Dementians™ leads the industry in designing supportive and therapeutic dementia capable environments and moments. Dawn and her team use their in depth knowledge of the disease to co-design friendly, familiar, functional and forgiving facilities supported by highly trained & compassionate care partners that pride themselves in building meaningful relationships and providing support “with” not “to” the individual, allowing every person to live in a supportive environment that promotes independence. A comprehensive service including environmental design, policy and procedures development and program design. Changing culture using relational care to promote collaboration resulting in dynamic outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with you to improve overall well-being for everyone on the dementia journey. Using relational care approaches, we collaborate with you to design environments, moments, care plans and relationships in unique ways. We strive to always color outside the lines to create what matters most to each individual. No one human is the same so why would one technique or design work for everyone? New Dementians will be compassionate and creative so together we can truly make a difference.

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Balance & Beyond: Innovative Strategies for Mobility and Well-being in Dementia Care.